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articles by ilyse Oct 14, 2019

It’s late on a Friday night and I’m closing the office downtown after a very busy week.... after 9:00 p.m.

Typical me...I immediately think, “At least I’ll cruise home!”, cause living in LA, & more specifically, near the port of Long Beach has generated mad traffic, and the commute is pushing 2 hours each way.

Time. Life. Value. Freedom. Pressure. Wants. Needs. Time. Life

(I had to add the first two again to the end)

Oy! Don’t leave yet. I know it’s a lot. But trust me on this!

Do you ever stop and ask yourself,

"What’s it all about? What’s it all for?"

Have you ever felt as though you got on a runaway train called the “Not-so-Anonymous Overachievers” train 30+ years ago and it has been damn near impossible to get off?

On Friday night, it occurred to me that there is a way.

Check out this video

Jay Shetty's video left a lasting impression about how we live to work to pay for the things we really don’t own, and have little time to use or enjoy them.


If you are wondering whether you’re running that 100 yard dash alone, I’m here to tell you, NO! I’m right here as are a whole bunch of other people. (#imrighthere in the comments!)

Have you ever asked yourself the question, “Are you willing to give up what you have to get what you want?”

I know that’s a big, dense question, but in a nanosecond, late on Friday night, I knew the answer for me, was YES! It was more like a “HELL YES!”

Have a "No problem" attitude

If that means selling a property, OK! No problem! I can do that!

If that means liquidating assets, OK! No problem! I can do that, too.

I don’t believe that I HAVE to do any of that.

But what I loved was that I knew in my heart, soul, gut and bones that, in fact, the answer is YES.

Try to stop yourself from going to a place of thinking, “Must be nice to have property and assets, if you don’t, and feel you could never do this.

You'd be missing the whole point. Please hang in there - trust it’ll be worth it.♥️

What happened is I’ve become a slave to “the things” in my life.

Not looking for pity and no one made me buy any of the things.

Instead of them creating freedom, they’ve become a ball & chain. #lessismore

I have come into a deeper level of love.

For myself.

For my life....and everyone in it.

For what is next & for what will be.

I am seeing myself practicing what I preach. That life is on my (AND YOUR) SIDE.

That stepping into love, purpose, infinite possibility and trust can mean more than I have now and more opportunities to do amazing, meaningful work with my Corporate company & beyond.

My track record is golden.

Whether it is to repair and drive business or inspire & help people see possibilities in their life that they didn’t see on their own, I have a gift.

Yep - I do. I own that.

And life will meet me where I it will you, too.

So the tears...what are they all about?

Embracing the now and allowing the process. Not needing the answers and trusting they will come. Asking for guidance and having support along the way. Feeling into my worth & worthiness and knowing everything will work out.... it has up until this point!

Belonging to one thing for so long requires letting go in order to grab a hold completely to something else...completely.

I visualize a game of tug of war.

No alt text provided for this image
You hold on the tightest right before you “give”. But surrendering doesn’t mean giving up.


It means to expand into what is meant to be. Co-Creating new possibilities for the future is incredibly exciting and sometimes scary. Don't try this home alone!

I realize the next questions may be difficult inquiries if you have no clue what you want...

But for now, I ask you...

What or where are you meant to be?

Are you wondering or do you absolutely know?

What do you have to gain and in which area of your incredible life?

Where will freedom take you?

When you know the answers, these become opportunities for something fantastic in your life and business.

If you need help asking or answering this, nothing would make me happier then to help you get to the heart of your matter.

Let love in♥️

xo, Ilyse



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