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articles by ilyse Jul 15, 2019

It's the little things. And the big things. And all the things in between. Why not start this week recognizing people, noticing people? It's too easy to let people go unnoticed.

It occurred to me a few weeks ago, that I was running around, moving a little too fast.

After a day of a few mishaps that cost me a pretty penny, ( I flushed my car key down the toilet, don't ask) I got to thinking about the concept of slowing down to speed up.

Speed isn't always a good thing, especially when it's at the expense of missing out on the connection.

I don't profess to always get this right by any means. But what I can say is that I am "woke". I make it a point to make eye contact, with as many people as possible, every day. And connect.

I am not that busy , in my fashion industry job, that I don't have time enough to lift my head and make eye contact. This doesn't mean I have time to have a full-blown conversation about everyone's weekend, vacation plans, life dreams and so on, on the company's time. Absolutely not. We all have a job to do. The connection is something different.

Making time enough to compliment someone when they have done something well, and do that often, creates the connection.

And why wouldn't we? It doesn't cost us a thing.

Praise is good

For morale. It boosts self-esteem and increases productivity.

I'm a big fan of praise and give it freely and often. I see my team thrive when they receive it and they never seem to tire from it as though if they get it too often it will mean less.

Yeah, no....that hasn't happened.

There is a healthy balance of critical feedback. Push back on write-ups that are sub-par and requests for do-overs on buys that don't pack a punch.

Ask anyone on my team, just when they think they have cleared the bar, it magically gets raised in the dark of the night, and they have something new to strive for.

How challenging for them to strive while getting accolades and recognized for taking a chance for trying something new to drive sales, or helping out a teammate?

Give out compliments

In the spirit of love, laughter, and all good vibrations, why not throw in some good old recognition and see what this week might feel like if you tipped the scales in favor of dousing your teams with some extra unexpected recognition? People expect it at review time, or if your company has any type of programs for it. But what about the kind you don't see coming?

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Let's have fun with it and give credit where credit is due. What a wonderful world we can co-create to spread a whole lot of kudos all around the world by letting those we work with know just how terrific they are and how much we appreciate them.





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