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articles by ilyse Aug 13, 2019

You know the kind.....we should all be so lucky. The ones that go out of their way to do nice things. They make work and the world a nicer place.

Do you work with anyone like that? Or have you at any time in your career?

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Currently, we have a woman, who provides bagels and candy for the N.Y. office. There are over 60 people in that office and she commutes 2+ hours (both directions) to work each day. This has been going on for many, many years.

Who does this?

She does!

These kinds of people....they are in a class of their own!

I'm a good doubt about it but I'm not in that class. Not gonna even pretend. These people are in the "special mention" part of the class, in my book...wouldn't you agree?

And you know the kind that lights up a room by walking in it?

Those good ones?

I hope you know a few of them, too.

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They can shift the energy of a meeting and an entire company.

We can all use more celebration in our lives, whether it is at work or in our personal lives. It's good to take time to recognize the good stuff.

What we focus on expands.

Focus on the good ones.

It's cool to be a good one!

May we know one ( or 2 or 3) and may we be one, too.

xo, Ilyse


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