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articles by ilyse Dec 04, 2020
Perfect Strangers. I heard this today in a whole new way

Ever hear an expression that you've said a million times in a different way?

Is it just me?

Seriously, it could be that I am going through a mid-life crisis.

Granted, I am 56 so this is one hell-of-a long life I'm having.

I was listing to a voice message from a wildly elated Client the other day and she said the words "Perfect Strangers" and I thought "Yes... Exactly!"

Sometimes in life, we are fortunate enough to have our paths cross with a #PerfectStranger and something incredible happens. That perfect stranger can become a life long friend....or a lover, a business partner, someone you may collaborate with. This could be someone you sit next to on an airplane or train & share something with them that you haven't told anyone else, have an intimate conversation with and never see again.

Have you ever struck up one of these connections where it just feels so right? So meant to be? It's as though that #PerfectStranger isn't really a stranger at all. It feels as though you know them, and they, you.

It's the best feeling!

Do you know what I mean?

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The kind of feeling that is nearly impossible to name unless you have experienced it. It's a kind of "Stranger-love". Not "love-love" like passion kind of love. But a different "love compartment" that still lives in the heart of deep connection, knowing, belonging, safety & warmth.

It all comes together wicked fast which makes it make absolutely no sense, so talking about it feels risky, fear you will sound crazy, even if you are talking about a non-sexual meet-up.

I've had this happen to me, as I am sure you have figured out by now & it can come with almost a giddy feeling. An excitement & joy of meeting someone that sees you as "so".....sees your gorgeousness even though you may have just shown them a blemish and they see even that as beautiful.

I really (and I mean really) hope you know exactly what I am talking about.

I can tell you that LinkedIn has changed my Coaching business and my life. That may sound a little dramatic, and it is true. I knew I wanted big changes in my life and by filling my headspace with positive, informative vibes, it led me to listen to the interview Oprah did with Jeff Weiner, about LinkedIn, his views on leadership, life, and love.

You can listen to it here.


That led me to re-look at the platform, which then led me to think about leaning into all the years I have spent in Corporate America as a way to advance my coaching business. That was a key turning point. Fast forward 1 year later, I am creating my own history and helping other people around the world turn their ideas into profitable businesses.

My side hustle is my full-time dream life and LinkedIn is the social platform I plan to lean into heavily in the coming year. I have met extraordinary people here, that have become Colleagues, as well as Clients, for whom I admire their courage and appreciate deeply.

If you have met someone here on LinkedIn, as I have, who started out as a perfect stranger, & is now so much more, please take a few minutes to give them a shout out, and share this!

At any time of year, but certainly the holidays, it is wonderful to celebrate the people that have impacted you by letting them know just how much they matter and how much you care.

May you know many #PerfectStrangers.

It makes this world feel just that much smaller.




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