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articles by ilyse Jul 24, 2019

Have you ever noticed how some people either have a predisposition to either see the good in things or see the bad?

You know, like the glass half full or the glass half empty kinda thing? It's almost a knee jerk reaction that respond one way or the other.

Check yourself and see. Begin to observe yourself.

This may be a tad scary at first but you will be fine. Look too see if you give people the benefit of the doubt.

Do you "See the Good"? Can you train yourself to do that?

I say yes!

Let's unpack this a little.

I worked at a company that tried to catch people doing good things.


Now I am beginning to wonder if this is something that came to me in a dream or if this is a someone my network...if you worked with me at "said" GIANT OFF PRICE RETAILER - unless I have lost my mind, which is entirely possible - please remind me if this was part of the culture there.

Looking, watching, and waiting to catch people doing great things so they can be praised for it is a pretty amazing culture, don't you think? If that isn't the epitome of "see the good", I don't know what is!

There are plenty that are going to see the bad, the less than, and the not enough. And quite frankly, we all do a fine job of that ourselves on any given day, at any given job - so no helped needed there...really!

The moment you have decided in your mind that someone has done something you don't approve of, your energy shifts.

Maybe you look away. Take the next seat over. Leave the room.

Maybe a group of you at work are going to lunch and that coworker gets left behind. Check out this video of what seems like a room full of strangers. Look at the body language. See how they barely notice each other or if they do, they look disinterested or uncomfortable. But then, one by one, something magical happens (go on, watch the video - I promise it will make your day.)


Strangers become so much more. The one they avoided eye contact with, are now toe to toe, making eye to eye. Watch what happens as soon as they realize that there is a connection. Look how easy it is to "See the Good" when there is a sense of belonging.

They see the wonderful, hear the memories, and share the triumphs. They begin to see just how much they have in common. They see the good.

What if instead you saw the good? Imagine that!

What if you trained your brain to see the good?

What if your knee jerk reaction was to see goodness in people?

You weren't ruled by or overly reacted to other peoples emotions.

Your own emotions are on "lock".

You know yourself and your surroundings to sense real danger, and the difference between someone being down right rude and someone being sad.

You come from a place of compassion, care, and concern versus suspicion, aggression, and hostility. Or maybe it is a shift from being disinterested and slightly bored to really paying attention...and why? Because you took the time to focus your attention on seeing the good.

Imagine a world and a workplace like this.

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Where everyone Sees The Good.

Points out the good.

Notices the good.

Amplifies the good.

They say what you resist, persists. And what you focus on expands. Isn't it to our great advantage to see the good? Everywhere? In everyone and everything?

I think this is the foundation on which gratitude and appreciation are built.

I really do believe we are responsible for the energy we emote.

We have a "say in the matter" when we walk in the room.

Do we bring the energy down? Do we bring it up?

Do we notice that it is too bright or too cold or too hot or not enough chairs or some other problem?

Do we see the good in a constructive way and build up those around us or do we nitpick and get caught up or lost in the details?

I've played with this concept and have been training myself to re-look at situations when I can't see the good.

I'll ask myself the question, "What is this here to teach me?"

It reminds me that life is always on my side and if I step back and give it a minute and if I am willing to take a look from another lens, I can usually "See The Good". I am by no means perfect...I am (very) human and learning all the time!

Give it a shot.

You have everything to gain.




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