...and laughter.

articles by ilyse Jul 16, 2019

Yes, laughter!

That's right.

An ingredient in business & life that is often overlooked, underused & at our disposal at all times & it’s FREE!

It’s our own human resource, that is plentiful, with research showing we learn better when our brains are in a state of enjoyment.

Laughter builds connection, lightens the intensity and can break the tension when needed.

It’s healthy, bonding and increases your energy level.

You’d be hard-pressed to make an argument against it.

Another magic & powerful ingredient is love - an emotion often never discussed in business.

What’s love got to do with it?


Listen to the podcast episode with Jeff Weiner, former CEO of LinkedIn & Oprah as they talk about love in the workplace and leadership in a way that will awaken you.

I listened to it multiple times & approached Entrepreneurship in a fresh way afterward.

With plenty of love and laughter abound, I shower my Clients & it helps them grow exponentially.

Let’s add some fun into your work week.

Think of someone who lightens the mood , who makes you laugh or has that way about them!

Give them a mention in the comments!

It’s such a great surprise for them & you’ll feel great doing it.

Check out my shout outs!

Have fun!




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