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articles by ilyse Sep 19, 2019

I’m definitely odd.

There’s no doubt about it.

And even as well. Even-tempered. I like to keep things “Even-Steven”

......even writing that makes me laugh and the odd part of me, of course, is going to Google, “What is the origin of the expression “Even Steven?” (I just thought you should know the inner workings of this mind .... is that we are getting to know each other & all.)

So, what about you?

Are you odd?

And has that been a good thing for you?

Can you re-think or re-frame it with me and look at it from another point of view....put another lens on it, in the event that it has been difficult for you? (....and yes....this is the art of Coaching, by the way)

I’ve been writing about Love & Leadership in the workplace and how noticing people can really make such a difference in someone’s day ....even their life.

What about that odd person?

The one that’s really different from the rest.

Photo Credit: Markus Spiske | Unsplash

Do you make room for them?

I was stretched this week as a Leader in both my Corporate and Private Coaching Practice Group.

I almost reacted to a situation without realizing that these particular people are rather odd.

Plain & simple.

When I stepped back and observed - more like a helicopter view - I was able to see that this resembled a school lunch cafeteria where one group was saying, “You can’t sit with us” and the left out person was merely having a reaction to what felt like rejection.

Photo Credit Vincent Guth | Unsplash

Ever see this happen at your office with adults...kinda sorta...not exactly but you get my drift?

The need for that sense of a place to belong is so ingrained in us from thousands of years ago - there’s no escaping it.

Nor should we.

It’s core to us as humans.

I think it’s kinda cool to be odd. equally cool to be even.

And I’m glad this happened - and inspired this article.

Let’s spread this message for all the brothers and sisters out there who are a little left or right of center.

Let’s make room for all of us.

Odd & Even♥️

Even & Odd ♥️

Let’s make Dr. Seuss proud.

Xo, Ilyse


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