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articles by ilyse Aug 19, 2019

It helps to be reminded.

It really does.

It doesn't matter how confident you are... how much “inner work” you’ve done or any of that other stuff.

Just good old encouragement goes a really long way.

Don’tcha think?

I was thinking about this the other day when I came across a picture of my Dad.

Technically, he was my Step- Father; my Mother was widowed with three children under age four, and this hero of a man, married & adopted the whole crew.

He was my biggest fan.

Well.....not just mine.

He was pretty much everyone’s , but he did it in a way, that made you feel that it was a special place held just for you , yet it was held for many.

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Know anyone like that?

What a special trait that is!

I believe we posses special super powers when we have people that believe in us.

These well wishers create an invisible safety net, that whisper a silent knowing that all will be ok, even when the unknown can feel heavy & daunting.

Leads me to question if I am being that for enough people?

Who could I be supporting better or differently?

Now there’s a way to stretch your Leadership skills!

Try a new approach to an old question..... “How’s it going?” , that gets the standard answer anyway!

Learning fresh ways to open expansive conversations creates an opportunity to see what’s going on there “under the hood”..... under that standard answer.....“I’m good!”

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Take a minute today to think of someone you can remind just how awesome you know they are. We sometimes forget the power of having someone in our corner.

Just in case there's doubt in their mind about what they're striving for is possible, let them know YOU BELIEVE THEY CAN.

And to all of you, who lift up others, the silent hero's out there, whatever it is you are going for.....You Can Too!

xo, Ilyse


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