Sometimes it feels the time is moving fast. 

You know it’s your time and your turn. 

Your dreams are calling and they are yours to live.

What if you got a Second Chance at something? 

What if you got a shot at 100 Chances? 

The 100-Day Chance Offer is exactly that.  

Welcome to this Revolutionary concept that will change the coaching Industry.  

I firmly and lovingly believe you do not have to go into debt or take a second mortgage to have access to outstanding, exquisite coaching.  

I am here to prove that! 

Show Up For The Life You Want & The Clients & Cash Will Show Up too. 


In 100 Days Of LIVE Coaching: 

Get primed and pumped to make money in your business.


✓ Know what to offer 

 Know where your Clients are

✓ Learn how to write engaging posts

✓ A Profile Funnel [HUGE 🚀🚀]

 Understand how to Social Sell  

✓ Bust Thru your fears 

 Get out of your own way 

✓ Attract the right audience 

 Mega Money Mindset 

 The Art of the $ale

 Don’t waste time scrolling 


 Offers on Repeat 

 Client Retention

 Happy Clients who Stay! 

 Learn how to ask for help 

 Create Massive Visibility 

 Increase your Confidence

 Confidence in knowing what to do next 

 What is a Message & what is yours 

Speak effortlessly to Clients anywhere - even in the DM

You also learn from the questions the other members - learning from each other is a huge benefit.  

We will always be better together.  

This is a beta test and we will be asking for feedback every 25** days. 


• LIVESTREAM Coaching calls M-F inside a Private Facebook Members Only Group Daily.
SPECIFIC sprints to do on your time. 

• 1 Weekly LIVE Q&A with Ilyse on Zoom with Hot Seat Coaching** for pay in full (all welcome / pay in full members will be hot seat coached)
Tuesdays 4PM PST

• Question THREAD: get all your questions answered in a post or on a Livestream! 

• Worksheets works books, and other materials from our collective arsenal of training to support you.

• A Community Manager to support us on the journey!

• Weekly bragging rights to celebrate all of our wins! THIS is a HUGE piece of your journey!!


¥ Clarity on how to run your business 

¥ Confidence to build your Audience 

¥ Excitement to make offers and the ability to fine-tune as you go 

¥ Defining your personal brand 

¥ Posting with your flavor and loving being a leader 

¥ Living your life and having less stress about your business! 

¥ Becoming Magnetic and getting opportunities coming your way 

¥ Collaborating and putting your name out there as the go-to person in your field! 

¥ Taking more chances and investing in yourself

¥ A Profile that funnels Potential Clients toward You 


Leveling up has a whole new vibe - it’s fun and you love investing in your business! 

lyse Craft, Personal Development & Business Mentor, with over 4 million digital impressions, Ilyse helps her Clients expand & accelerate fast.

She is a YouTuber who helps clients create possibilities in their lives, relationships, and businesses.

With over 30 successful years in the Fashion Industry & Coaching, Ilyse has a unique blend of right and left brain - helping clients to see directly into their blind spots - giving them access to opportunities they didn’t realize on their own.

Through masterful coaching, Ilyse’s Clients make life-changing transformations. Her “Peaceful Profits” vibe is catching on like wildfire helping Clients get out of start-up and into scale fast.


She has produced over a billion in sales and is a multi-preneur, getting ready to invest a million dollars in real estate & investments in late summer 2022.

This is your C H A N C E.  

Pay in Full


Guaranteed Laser Coaching


Payment Plan


4 x payment