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Self-Paced Audio/Video 


Manifest the Biz of Your Dreams: 30-Day Countdown to Cash 

(30 Videos + Additional Trainings)

Let’s get down to strategy, launching & business with Manifest the Biz of Your Dreams: 30-Day Countdown to Cash. This high energy, waste NO time, 30 days is all the vibes, so buckle up, Buttercup! This is about to get real good!

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Money is Queen 

(12 Videos + Workbook)

Money is Queen is a powerful, meaningful & memorable dive into who you are with money & why you are this way. In this program, you’ll have a chance to understand why you think & feel the way you do, keep what’s working & leave what isn’t without feeling you’re disrespecting your heritage.


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I L❤️VE Linkedin Bootcamp 

(22 Videos + Guide to Become a Published Writer)

Ready to Learn & Love LinkedIn? Come Slay with Me! My Win is Your Win! You can gain paying clients, be known as a learning expert, can easily get hundreds & thousands of views daily, offered collaborations opportunities and be seen as a Thought Leader and an Inspiration!

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Dare to Share 

(3 Videos + Workbook)

Dare to Share helps you tap into your journey. We will dive into the timeline of your life & you’ll be able to see the magic, the memories, the blessings and the lessons.

Who is this course for?

Entrepreneurs or creating family legacy, I think everyone can benefit from a “life review”.

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(8 Videos + Workbook)

WeightLess is a Spiritual weight loss program that lays the foundation to wake up your mind to what’s on it about food, your body and the way you move it and why. Or why not.

There are no diet plans provided and if you follow a plan, continue that plan.

This is exactly what I did on my journey in losing near 50 pounds. I’ve kept it off, despite COVID & an accident.

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(9 Videos + Workbook)

Keeping your word is often the difference between good & great, great & excellence. Vow is a course that looks at how you tend to yourself & what your practices are in your self care practices.

Learning and deeply cultivating self care practices never happened.

No one and nothing is going to do that for you.

You are the answer.  

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