If you feel fired up & maybe a little freaked out, you’re in the right place.

The willingness to be vulnerable takes love, leadership & courage. To do that on-line, on a global stage is taking it to a whole new level.

How often do we take the time and really look at the events that have shaped us and gotten us to where we are now. For some, we have been raised to "not air our dirty laundry". For others, you may want to just sweep some parts of your life under the carpet and forget about it.

What I want you to discover is that all the events of your life have gotten you here.

For thousands of years, people have been gathering, often times in circles, and now, many times on Zoom calls, to share parts of their life stories.

It is the sharing and retelling of our stories that we find connections, create community and find commonality. 

Whether you are seeking insight to your life story for your legacy, for a future book or ted talk or to become more engaging with your posts, Dare To Share will lead you through the process of peeling back your own curtain and finding your truths, beauty, difficulty and triumphs. 

I spent 30+ years in a traditional corporate setting. Time and again, the people I most enjoyed doing business with and the Colleagues I had the best working relationships with all had an element of sharing our personal stories.

Meetings would start, end and would always include stories about our weekend, our plans, the family , our hopes and dreams. Now being in the On-Line Entrepreneur space, not much has changed!

The more willing you are to share yourself, the more you give other people permission to do the same. It becomes a powerful magnet and a super-power all in one.

You greatly benefit from the gift. 

This course is a gift you give yourself by looking back over your life story. By creating your timeline, you will reveal and possibly heal loose ends. We don't often give ourselves the time or chance to do this kind of work and what you will find is a deepening of self-gratitude , self-appreciation and self-love.

Your content will also become much richer, if you are a content creator. 

You are here to tell a story. It is a gift to your family legacy and others to share it.  It takes courage.

Will you dare?

I am in!


We will dive into the timeline of your life & you’ll be able to see the magic, the memories, the blessings and the lessons.

You get to decide what & when you share [if ever] and coaching on how to do exactly that.

Watch who you become along the way is a beautiful unfolding and transformation.

I want this!

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