"What If You Could Land Clients On Linkedin Now?"





  • 50X Visibility on LinkedIn, Positioning Yourself As An Authority Figure
  • Effectively Convert Engagement On Daily Posts To Land Clients
  • Learn Inbound Marketing Through Done For You Appointment Setters
  • Eliminate Any Fears And Limiting Beliefs As Well As Integrate Any Conflict Holding You Back From All Of The Above 

Save Time, Work Less, Be With Family More



You've had Linkedin on your mind for quite some time now. But there’s something about the platform that makes you think it’s either for job seekers, uber-professional stuffy people, or too many pushy salesmen.

It could be that taking on a whole new platform just feels daunting and overwhelming. 

Well guess what? 

We’ve got really good news for you.

Well firstly, you’re not entirely wrong. It IS a platform where people are looking for jobs, and it is professional which is a really good thing!

But to be really honest with you, it is the #1 Social Media Business Networking Platform in the entire Universe that is literally designed to help you make money.

And so while yes - there are some pushy salesmen, so what

Don’t let that stop you from the greatest, easiest, most intuitive, friendliest platform ever invented.

We’re here to help you. Help guide you. Help you Grow. Make it Fun. Live a Life you Love. And Most Importantly, Land Clients Now on Linkedin.


We know exactly what your problem is


No matter what platform you’re on, you want to know where your clients are and you want to be 

Seen and Heard by them...you also should be Hired. Damn it!

You already know you've got what it takes to keep pushing your business further, but you’re likely one of these three people:

  • You’re already on Linkedin, but you’re not fully utilizing all the platform features and you may not have a fully developed client acquisition strategy. (content creation, funnel, appt setters)
  • You’re on Facebook, thriving and you want more and ready to leverage your brand on Linkedin.
  • You’re ready to build your social media marketing strategy and you keep getting that inkling that Linkedin is the platform you really need to fully tap into.

We remember being to this place in our business. I'd been around the block like you and tried just about everything. I bet:

  • You’re already posting on social media, doing all the things and reaping the rewards!
  • Read tons of books
  • Gone to tons of seminars
  • Taken tons of trainings
  • You've had lots of mentors and coaches and likely have one now
  • But if you're really honest with yourself, you WANT MORE.  


We’re right there with ya babe! You really want to level up, but you're not sure exactly how without sacrificing more time and freedom...

so you're in researching mode, searching for the best possible solution.

You open your email and attend the 6th pre-recorded webinar of the month...

You lurk in other people's Facebook groups hoping to learn something life-changing.

You make ANOTHER post about how awesome your company is, but you just keep yearning for more. You absolutely KNOW you could be helping more people, earning more money, and have more time and freedom to truly live that next level of life you dream about.

The key here is you just simply need to stop wasting your time and simply lean in to Linkedin now.

Yet you have all these thoughts and feelings stopping you from actually doing it.


If any of these thoughts below are holding you back and you feel similar feelings, you definitely need to be here for this Mastermind:

  • Starting again on a new platform sucks
  • What if I write this vulnerable post and my family, friends, and/or colleagues get upset
  • I don’t write as well as people on Linkedin. They’re so polished.
  • I’m too woo woo for Linkedin. It’s not professional for the platform.
  • It brings back past fears and bad experiences to go on Linkedin. 
  • People on Linkedin won’t like my prices.
  • They just won’t get me or like me.
  • Who am I to be a brand on Linkedin
  • Messenger doesn’t work
  • If I was doing really well in my business, I wouldn't go in people's dms nor need to be in their dms
  • I deeply desire to make a HUGE and BIGGER impact in the world and I'm determined to do it but I'm afraid of failing.... 
  • What if my best just isn't good enough?
  • What if all my hard work doesn't pay off?
  • What if it takes more work than the work I put into my previous milestone?
  • I see others succeeding but aren't sure if I can have that same success.....
  • I'm not sure if it's possible for myself, my family, AND the world...

What is the secret to that next level of success?

This is where I tell you that THIS. IS. YOUR. MOMENT. Right here. Right now......



It’s a combination of things. But the most magical ingredient is YOU. And we’re going to reinforce that most magical ingredient with so much Power and Strength that you will not only feel supported, you will be activated and accelerated to Land Clients On Linkedin Now Like You’ve Never Done Before. 

Don’t join Now if you’re not gonna do the work.

Don’t join Now if you’re going to invest but not be invested.


Don’t join Now if you’re not 100% committed to your next level of success.

Don’t join Now if you’re not ready to follow through and be coachable.

If you’re ready to Consistently Land Clients Now on Linkedin



You only need 3 clients per month to reach a multiple 6 figure business.

Do the math - If you already have a $7,500 offer and you land 3 clients per month, that’s $22,500 per month equalling $270,000 per year.

(Your number might be lower or higher, do the math.)


Now that’s sexy! How would that change the game for you?

Here’s what happens when you join us!


Imagine knowing that for the next six months, you will have support, accountability, be part of a high vibe community, have a training portal that’s always available, a place where landing clients is a normal, everyday occurrence, and the environment is full of positivity, celebration and absolute fulfillment!



Land Clients Now on LinkedIn Training ($10,000 value)

4 Step System to Land Clients Now on Linkedin. Including 50X your Visibility, content creation, platform growth to grow your audience and connections, profile optimization, sales funnels and so much to create the perfect integrated system that is reliable, predictable and controllable to Land Clients Now on Linkedin.

Comes with: Video Trainings, Workbooks, Worksheets, Masterclasses, Templates, Scripts, and Swipe Files. All are accessible on demand 24/7, 365.

Transcend Your Mind Training ($5,500 value)

Your mind is your greatest asset. Learn how your Conscious and Unconscious Mind works so you can make true change and transformation happen. Learn how to get in a powerful mental and emotional state at any given moment, learn how to eliminate your nerves around making offers, sales calls, etc., learn how to get to the root cause of where your negative emotions reside as well as get to the core of where all your limiting beliefs are coming from so you can consistently breakthrough to each new level and achieve your goals!

Comes with: Video Trainings and Scripts in PDF. All are accessible on demand 24/7, 365.

1v1 Content Audit & Visibility Review with Ilyse ($1,000 value) 

We’ll start with collecting your KPI (Key Performance Indicator) from the starting point of your platform and profile so we can measure the potency of your growth and content. Then, Ilyse will do a full audit of your profile confirming that it’s completely and fully activated for optimization and review your current content on Linkedin as well as other social media outlets and give you constructive feedback.

1v1 Position Your Offer with Ilyse ($2,000 value)

Whether you have a suite of offers or one offer, Ilyse will work 1on1 with you to connect your message and your opt-in, your content, and create a profile funnel working in coordination with your appointment setting team so that you have one, powerful, cohesive offer.

1v1 Land Clients Now Breakthrough Session with Camilla ($3,000 value)

Work with Camilla to get to the root cause of the negative emotions blocking you from landing clients now. Experience this massive breakthrough, leaving you unstoppable; transcending your mind in a way you’ve never experienced before.

1v1 Success Mindset Breakthrough Sessions with Camilla ($1,500 value)

Eliminate all your limiting beliefs with Camilla around converting clients, engagement on posts, sales, making offers, appointment setters, and beliefs holding you back from being your most successful, authentic self on Linkedin!

Marketing Integration Breakthrough with Camilla ($1,500) 

Bring all the parts of your marketing pieces as well as your programs and integrate them together into one great offer! When you're able to integrate everything together, your messaging, content, all the pieces of your business will be in total alignment with your ideal client, creating an integrated system that works for you.

Weekly Live Group Q&A Calls 

Get any and all your questions answered as you progress through the training programs, collaborate with other coaches to help you grow, get new mindset strategies to breakthrough new problems that may arise, talk about what’s working, and what’s not, talk about sales, closing clients, and anything else you need each week.

Facebook Group Support

Get support in the group as you experience this mastermind together with other amazing coaches like you. You'll get to post about your experience, ask questions and grow as a community!

Done For You Appointment Setter!!!!!! (PRICELESS)

HOLD ONTO YOUR FREAKING BONNET BECAUSE SERIOUSLY, THIS IS THE GAME-CHANGER!!!! THIS IS IT! Done for you appointment setters that come with a virtual assistant, as well as sales confidence coaching with Ilyse and Camilla. This will ensure you successfully close clients Now.

Here’s how it works:

When you join and qualify for the program, you will select the Activate or Accelerator Program. The Activate program gives you 30-45 days to gather your systems & offers together to prepare for the appointments coming in.

In the Accelerator program, you're ready to start with the appointment setters in the first 3 weeks. The appointment setters will send out 1000 outbound messages per day for 3 months.





Let’s Get You Big Results

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๐Ÿ‘†๐ŸปListen to Greg as he shares how Camilla helped him integrate the pieces of his business!๐Ÿ‘†๐Ÿป

Payment Options


Pay in Full


 Best Value


Time Line Therapy® Certification Training

Funnel Building Virtual Retreat


2x Payments


[*payment must be paid in full prior to beginning with the Appointment Setting Team]

3x Payments


[*payment must be paid in full prior to beginning with the Appointment Setting Team]

Coach Financing


We proudly partner with Coach Financial
Coach Financing helps Coaches finance their business investments.


Time Line Therapy® Certification Training

Funnel Building Virtual Retreat


Coach Financing


We proudly partner with Coach Financial
Coach Financing helps Coaches finance their business investments.


Time Line Therapy® Certification Training

Funnel Building Virtual Retreat



*For those that choose the payment options, will still get the online Time Line Therapy Training, but will not receive a certification nor attend the live trainings. PIF clients will.

Meet Camilla Peterson

Let me start by saying, “I’ve been around the block.” 15 years ago my husband and I started our first business - Quickstar! A network marketing company that lead us to making and selling lamps! A few years later, we went on to have a dental lab in our basement with a dental tech school on the side for 10+ years. We were too scared to go big with our dental tech company due to the same fears and negative thoughts and emotions you have right now.
It was until we got to the core of those negative thoughts and emotions and had a breakthrough by Transcending our Mind when everything changed!

I'm the queen of creating not only online schools, but also helping entrepreneurs, network marketers, and coaches like yourself, Transcend and break through to the next level, beyond your wildest dreams; simply by training you how to tap into the deepest parts of your mind to consistently achieve your goals and dreams so you can live your ultimate life!

I have worked with many entrepreneurs such as networking marketing teams, coaches, spiritual leaders, realtors, writers, editors, models, actresses, a world champion horse breeder, a tennis competitor, and several founders and CEO’s of multi-million dollar companies that have quickly doubled and quadrupled their income, creating massive results in their life and business simply by Transcending their Mind.

I'm not just your ordinary coach, I am a Trainer with 9 certification. To become a trainer, you must test your limits, stretch your mind, and face the majority of your fears; evolving several neurological levels beyond what a coach even dares to do.

What does that mean?
You're in great hands! I know the ins and outs of how your mind and programming works; thus being able to quickly pinpoint what your problem is and help you shift neurologically, helping you evolve what would take decades, even a lifetime; just within days; creating permanent, long-lasting change. Get ready to grow exponentially fast!

My goal here is to over-deliver an insane amount of value to you.

As the Founder of Transcend Trainings.... I have lots of incredible free workshops and mini trainings to share with you what has helped my clients and thousands of people achieve a life beyond what they ever dreamt of!

With love,
Camilla Peterson

Meet Ilyse Craft

Hi, I’m Ilyse Craft, the Founder of On The Verge, Inc. and Ilyse Craft Media.

Technically I’m a Business & Brand Strategist, often brought in to expand projects.

Energetically, I help Clients take their life and business to an elevated level….a place they know is there but it feels elusive, and then, like magic, it’s not.

When people first find me on socials they are attracted to my “Corporate Drop-Out Freedom Life” journey because it bridges the gap between where they are and where they want to get to.

That’s where LinkedIn comes in.

When I started in the online space, I leaned into the platform and began my social media marketing journey there to launch my services more so than on Facebook.

I quickly realized the difference in the community, conversation, and conversions.

I felt strongly from the start; when you have a business, using the #1 business networking platform is the ticket to saving time, while creating freedom and impact.

Helping big dreamers manifest beyond what seems logical or possible in their “field of infinite potential” is phenomenal work!

Now I’m putting my favorite platform and talents [ sales, visibility, content creation & leadership] together for the biggest results for Coaches to slay high-Value sales and Land Clients Now on LinkedIn!

These proven strategies combined with accountability and support will help clients hit major milestones, 6, multi 6, and 7-figure years and beyond.

You can connect with me privately via DM or email [email protected].

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