It is the power of artful storytelling, visibility, and growth. 
It is using your own intellect. 
It is sharing your lens on the world. 
It is growing a network.  
It is creating expansion. 
It is about community. 
It is about making connections. 
That’s how to use LinkedIn™️ to grow a successful platform with millions of impressions, incredible impact, and income.  

You can have this, too. 

Over 60 days, work with Ilyse in a small group, to leverage your LinkedIn platform, highlighting yourself both personally and professionally. 
From profile banner & headline to your social media message and strategy, you will be in alignment with the goals that are most important to you. 
You will be clear about what strategy you’re implementing and why because your goals are directly related to your mission and vision. 


  • Cultivate a platform that your audience will come to know and trust. Be seen as a leader in your niche, the Go-to Person. 
  •  Create Colleague/ Peer relationships , panel opportunities, speaking, writing and more from an optimized profile and platform 
  •  Consistently generate new quality leads to convert to paying Clients  for your business. 
  •  Utilize a Profile funnel to move prospects into your business and optimize all aspects & features using keywords to increase profile and internet searches. 
  •  Share my proven writing style method and content topics that will engage both your ideal SuperClient but also a wider reach, further establishing you as an industry expert. 
  •  Teaching you the cadence of offer writing & dropping links + the fortune in following up- aka “The Millionaires Mindset”. 

LinkedIn Leverage PIF



  • FREE access to Manifest The Biz of your Dreams: 30 Days Countdown to Cash Course
  • Class starts on the week of 12th December 2022.
  • Macro Strategy: Your brands  “time capsule” message….your message to the world  

  • Micro Strategy: You will become clear what your consistent message will be over the next 60 days  and beyond. 

  • Profile Smackdown: Top to bottom from banner to recommendations, your profile will be ready to roll: keyword rich, how to use hashtags in topics/ in posts, about section Re-vamp profile, (all experience filled out ) both “bubble” picture and banner image selections curated with you , background image creation support, support for cover video feature, support for voice pronunciation feature

  • Blending of entire platform for cohesiveness and consistency, “on brand” vibe and message 

  • Profile & Content Data: we will track KPI’s ( key performance indicators ) while in this program to monitor the growth of your platform. These are on your profile. 

  • Content Strategy:  Rotate through my proven content strategy with examples provided. During the 60 days I will read yours & give feedback. 

  • Video Strategy: Coach & feedback on what’s worked & content ideation for your short videos. 

  • The Meet Up Deets: 4X/ 1:1 calls with Ilyse and 4X/ group calls with Ilyse and the other Clients. 

  • For 8 weeks there is one session. One week it’s your private session, the next week it’s a group session. 

  • We will have a group chat on LinkedIn™️ DM to drop our daily posts in. The method for maximum engagement will be demonstrated during our first group call.