$997.00 USD

Launched on LinkedIn is a digital, self-paced course.
You will have lifetime access to the training portal and will receive any new information, insights and trainings as they are added.

There is no Private or group coaching in this digital program.

These trainings are a culmination of many years on LinkedIn and are designed to help you grow your network, write compelling content and land deals , clients and opportunities.

There is no guarantee that you will land Clients, opportunities or deals. You are encouraged to listen to all trainings and execute on them to get the best possible outcome.

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Launched on LinkedIn PIF ($997)

Ready to launch your brand, business and further yourself using LinkedIn?

Let me take the guess work out and teach you what I’ve learned to create a profitable business using the undeniable power of LinkedIn.

In this digital self-paced course you’ll gain access to my top-notch teachings that my private clients get, along with examples, downloads and prints outs.

You’ll also be invited to join our Peer Posting Pod to get more attention and engagement on your posts.

Here's what's inside:

  • A Fully-Optimized Profile including

    • Funnel your “guests” to the next step

    • Turn on all the lights and be open for business or new opportunities

    • Learn about features most don’t know

    • Maximize every aspect of each section

  • Growth Your Network including

    • Notifications growth

    • Client case studies you will learn from

    • How to bring value to your network

    • How to “move an audience “ to grow

    • Learn and grow from and with your competition

  • Convert Engagement Strategies including

    • How to tell valuable and vulnerable stories

    • What to do when you get “reactions”

    • How to strike up conversation in the DM’s with scripts

    • Comment-tator Method because Magic and business happens in the comments section

  • Viral Content Lead Generation including

    • Content pillars

    • Content types

    • Posts de-coded

    • How to support a post to the fullest to activate the algorithm

    • Finding your super-post-power

    • Tapping into Pleasure vs pain principles

    • Viral posts

    • Lifetime Access To the Trainings with new and updated information and LinkedIn features

Join the countless other clients that have learned LinkedIn with me, and jump in!

They’ve landed Clients, podcast interviews, speaking engagements, summits, partnerships , and so much more.

Join Now!

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