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Self-Development and Money Mindset $997


  • WEIGHTLESS is designed to help you wake up your mind and body. We'll show you how to use food as fuel and not as emotional support, and we'll help you uncover the root cause of why you overeat or under-eat so that you can develop a self-care practice that will last a lifetime.
  • VOW: this program is a look at what it means to be devoted and what different rituals are. Many of us have been working or taking care of others for most of our lives and having our own personal practices is a new “practice”. Vow introduces a Sankalpa, your personal “I will” statements versus “I am”. Vows are a beautiful declaration and you’ll gain power and presence in this course.
  • MONEY IS QUEEN: You'll learn how to treat money the way you want money to show up in your life - plentiful, abundant, and often. By paying attention to how you feel about money and growing your relationship with it, your attraction to it grows. Your (em)power(ment) comes from how you show up in all aspects of your life and your money world is a key area! This bundle is perfect for anyone looking for an uplevel in body mind money and spirit. You can improve your health, happiness, and relationship with money!
  • WEALTHY & WORTHY: Come inside this course and learn the true and expansive definition of wealth consciousness. Finally, understand why focusing on money is costing you your financial abundance. The secret to wealth consciousness is so much more than being cash-rich. This concise single beautifully edited video will break down exactly what wealth consciousness is and what it’s not. I’ll ask you meaningful questions to journal and work through.