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What started as a Passion, became a Mission.

Ilyse Craft is a world-renowned Thought Leader & inspires millions worldwide on self leadership & manifesting an incredible life.

One of her mantras is “if you can dream it & believe it, you can live it."

Ilyse’s mission is to help create massive visibility for her clients, by them seeing themselves and purpose on a deeper level.

Having helped thousands of people & businesses tap into their vision, she acts as a modern day muse or “Accelerator”.

Ilyse helps her Clients slow down , go deeper & tap into their own inner intelligence. Clients worldwide report they can do more & become more of who they were meant to be by working closely with her.

When making money or finding your Zen is what you’re after, Ilyse is the go-to Guide.

Her unique specialty is helping you do both at the same time & “crafting “ a life you are obsessed with!

In September 2021, Ilyse  launches her podcast, “On the Verge”, where she dives into the energetics of life on the edge.


She is on the verge of creating a 7 figure business and falling in love, although she hasn’t met him yet. There is no holding back & nothing is off limits. 

Ilyse also is the host of a LinkedIn show “On the Verge”, where she discusses a myriad of topics about life , business & the “human-feeling-being” condition.

She runs an On-Line group with women from 36 countries where she provides Coaching on business, money, & manifesting. 

Her classes, courses & MasterMinds are available both self paced and taught live.

Clients new to Ilyse often begin their journey with her essential teaching  “Consciously Confident”. It’s a 33 day, self development course that enhances & magnifies the love, soul & (literal) richness in life. It is an unforgettable and often repeated course. It’s the equivalent to doing Quantum Life rehab. 

Coming in the fall, is “Liberated”. For Women 50 and over, this course is an awakening into everything they desire & the confidence & courage to have it all.

Ilyse spent 30 years as a Fashion Industry Executive & has a keen eye for aesthetics. Originally from New York, she currently lives in Los Angeles.  One of her dream-ambitions was to own & operate a Bed & Breakfast. Ilyse has been a Super Host on Airbnb since 2016 & has Guests returning from around the world, who fall in love with the vibe she creates. 

I'm Ilyse Craft

Founder of On the Verge

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The free 5-day course is how I’ve manifested the body, relationships, Business & money I desire and it just keeps getting better and better.

All that you desire exists. It always has.