vow /vou/

a solemn promise to someone or something. Dedicated to someone or something.

Are you ready to take a new vow?

Keeping your word is often the difference between good & great, great & excellence.


Vow is a course that looks at how you tend to yourself & what your practices are in your self care practices.


There is nothing to get wrong here.
This program could help open you up to a new practice.
Some love to journal, yet for others that doesn’t resonate. Others turn to praying.

Some do their best thinking in the shower.
By having the willingness & openness to try some new things on for a few weeks to give them a chance to “stick”, it just could be your next favorite tool to bring your grounding, peace & love.

I'm ready! Let's go!


What do you think of when you hear the word "Vow"?

I immediately think marriage.....right? Then I think committed.

Now, what if you applied that to yourself. What if you took an Oath or a Vow to yourself.

What would that be?

I think the hardest broken promises are the ones we make to ourselves. The ones that no one else even knows about. For many of us, we never cultivated a deep relationship with ourselves. We grew up, left the house to go to school, dated , married and began taking care of other people.

Learning and deeply cultivating self care practices never happened.

I'm In!