Are you ready to have a body you love, eat what you love and move your body in the way that you love?


After dieting between the ages of 14-55, like many women, I had spent my lifetime seeking outside myself for the answers that lie deep within and FOUND the answer.

I am ready!

This course is exactly what I did on my journey in losing near 50 pounds. I’ve kept it off, despite COVID & an accident.

In 2018, I made a decision to have a body I love, eat what I love and move my body in the way that I love.

Prior to this program, I have never successfully maintained weight loss or stayed on any program… EVER.

I trust my body knows how to heal and to maintain a weight that I desire.


WeightLess is a Spiritual weight loss program that lays the foundation to wake up your mind to what’s on it about food, your body and the way you move it and why. Or why not.

We dive into restriction, overindulging and forgiveness.

Most importantly we talk about love & the impact of a deep and unshakable commitment to yourself in the area of body heart & mind acceptance will allow you to take up more room in a world that desperately needs Women’s presence.

The more we heal, the more we heal.

This course has modules of instructions as well as meditations, diary prompts & movement videos.

There are no diet plans provided and if you follow a plan, continue that plan.

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