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You are an uncommon Client, which makes sense because I am an uncommon Coach.

You're on a mission.

You have a hunger.

All your success and drive is going to serve you incredibly well now.

We are going to direct it inward.

You are going to understand why you do the things you do, get crystal clear about what you want most and why & why it has been eluding you. 

Utilizing Positive Intelligence (PQ) and strengthening your mental fitness, you will  know what your top sabotage behaviors are and know exactly how to navigate them in the moment. You will also develop your "Sage" muscles, which combat the saboteurs that have been running the show for most of your life. 

Think of this as the unprogram, the unconditioning, the unbelieving, the untruths, the absence.


When your mind is calm, the answers appear. I am going to help you retrieve them. 

We Create The Life You Want So Get Ready For It!

You begin to show up for yourself in ways you never have before

It takes steadfast dedication to consciously and deliberately work on your life.

It's also super exciting.

Being stuck is a choice. Change is also a choice. 

It has everything to do with matching the vision you have for your life with your deepest desires to create true alignment. Then your willingness to back up your vision with committed inspired action is supported through coaching and accountability. 

Your truth is the magic & speed that delivers results


Although you are interested in what I’ve accomplished and achieved, this is still about you.

For over 35 years, I’ve been a ferocious student of humans and myself , and why we do what we do. I hold multiple Certifications as a Master Life & Transformation Coach. I am also a Positive Intelligence Trainer, under Shirzad Chamine.  My business acumen led me to generate over a billion in sales, start and scale several businesses to multi 6 figures in sales and growing.

This is still about you.

Your interest in self.
Your life.
Your inner world
Only then will you see what there is to go through and what you will grow through.

I am here to guide you to your most magnificent life.

I can’t wait to hear what you’re committed to.


With love,

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